Deterministic password

Write down 12 words. And your for ever able to recreate your password database.

The theory behind deterministic Password starts with accepting that it is impossible to keep track of passwords for all your accounts. Instead, we return to the core premise of the password: a secret phrase that you can remember easily, all by yourself.

deterministic Password solves this problem by letting you remember one and only one password. You use this password with Master Password only. Master Password then gives you access to any website or service you want by creating a website-specific key for it.

You sign in with your deterministic Password using your one password.
You ask for the key to enter your website, eg. twitter.
You log into twitter using your username and the key from the deterministic Password.

The deterministic password is not a password manager. It does not store your website passwords. Therefore, there is zero risk of you losing your website passwords (or them falling in the wrong hands). The deterministic Password simply uses your one password and the name of the site to generate a site-specific secret.